Sunday, 18 October 2015

Google is the search engine main goal all Internet users

Google is the search engine main goal all Internet users to search for something. There is even a term Google is my best friend, because whatever we find in the virtual world, it would have easily found. This time I will discuss 10 ways to optimize the short and precise search results using the Google search engine.
Actually many ways that we can do. But I will only discuss discuss 10 ways are roughly commonly used. All search through the site because more global usage. For example, input a word or keyword in red on a Google search box.
1. Information or countryIf you want to know wesite or specific information about a particular city or country, for example:
Jakarta: Info
2. Information specific websiteIf you want to find a website, blog, or the number of pages that have been indexed, for example:
3. synonyms or synonymFor example you are looking for a particular website which contains a synonym or a particular element, for example:
"online business" ~ clothing
4. Looking for a certain sentenceIf you want to search for certain words or phrases and to maximize results, use quotation marks, for example:
"online business"
5. Avoiding certain wordsFor example, want to find information online website business but do not want that contain the word clothing, for example:
online business -clothing
6. Looking for a specific documentAllows us to search for files or documents about the articles we want, for example:
"online business" filetype: doc
7. Search by numberSay you want to find something in between numbers or specific year, enter:
campaign 1950..2005
8. The definition of a particular wordGoogle can search for an explanation and meaning of a particular word, example enter:
define: humble
9. know the time or the hourIf you want to find out about the time or the hour in the city or country of the world, Google will provide a list of sites that are accurate, for example:
"time in jakarta"
10. Foreign exchange ratesGoogle can be used as a currency conversion tool and shows the appropriate site, for example:
100 USD in IDR
That's 10 tips and concise manner so that the results of our searches through the Google search engine optimized and maximized. To know more deeply the secret function of the Google search engine.

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