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Complete understanding Google

probably already know what it's not google or definition of google or definition of google. but for the uninitiated do not worry in this article I will discuss the complete definition of Google.

Google is a search engine the biggest and the best at the moment. Google is a major American company that provides products and services around the internet.
Google was founded in 1998 precisely on September 4, 1998, Google was founded by students from the University of Stamford America.
google logo
founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two of them are friends. they both have a stake in the company Google as much as 17%
Larry Page and Sergey Brin create Google as a private company in 1998, they both have the same mission is to collect all the information for their search engines in order to facilitate everyone, especially users of the internet in search of information.
Since its founding, Google evolve and grow pesat.serta Google also produces several products and services. That is :
- Google Translate
Google Translate is an internet dictionary that Google created to facilitate internet users in translating the language or sentence.
- Google Maps
Google Maps is a product of Google to facilitate internet users in searching for a location or place.
- Youtube / Google Video
Youtube is a product of Google for a search or download a video. With the Youtube make it easier for Internet users in the search for a video.
- Google Mars
Google Mars is different with Google Maps, Google Mars is a Google service that is made for clicking exploration of Mars.
- Google Schemer
Google Schemer is a service of google to find something to do.
- Google Sound Search
Google Sound Search is a product of Google that helps Internet users to recognize what type of music being played.
- Google Adsense
Google Adsense probably already familiar in the ears of Blogger notably Blogger at Blogspot, Google Adsense is Google products for clicking advertise a product or publish an advertisement of the goods. Most bloggers use Google AdSense to serve the search area their money online. But not with me :) because of the presence of advertising on blogs will create a blog that becomes a long process of loading or loading. I still appreciate the loyal readers of my blog :)

Actually there are many Google products, but the most frequently used and most popular is the aforementioned products.
Why Google is more popular than other search engines? The answer is because Google has many Partners and its clients and products Google has helped many internet users. As well as when compared to a search engine Yahoo or Bing search engine. Google already clear winner. If there is a sequence of three search engines, Google in first place, second place Yahoo and Bing ranks third.
Why is that ? Because Google is well known, especially in the eyes of the world's Internet users. (Source I took from Wikipedia)
Google also get more than 350 million queries each day by His clients. One Google client is AOL or America Online.
That explanation from me to Understanding From Google. But we have discussed daritadi Google. there may still not know the meaning of the search engine itself, therefore I will also discuss about "Understanding Search Engines" in this article.
The search engine is a software designed to search information or data on the Internet on the World Wide Web or WWW. the results of the search engines will produce an information called SERP. in addition to the displayed image or video, blog site or website will also be displayed.
Search Engine to search the data automatically using a web crawl, so it is necessary to distinguish between sites directory or search engine. if the directories do a search using the site manually.

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