Friday, 6 November 2015

Three Indonesian companies will join Google Internet trial balloon

Three Indonesian cellular network company intends to follow the Loon Project transmission experiment conducted by Google in the next year.The experiments were followed Indosat, Telkomsel and XL Axiata is an important step to provide internet access services in remote areas.Sri Lanka has previously signed a separate agreement that gives a signal of hope to be a participant in the scheme of a giant helium balloon.Google Loon project which was launched in 2013 and in New Zealand, is a giant helium balloon that will radiate Internet access for the purpose of providing internet access to poor and remote areas in several countries.The balloon will be at an altitude of 20 kilometers from the earth so that it can be used to provide cheap Internet access in remote areas or areas cut off lines of communication due to the disaster.Internet signal is transmitted via a wireless network, according to experts can have more benefit than other solutions.In an interview with BBC Technology Desk Editor Leo Kelion, Google believes it has sufficient balloon above to provide Internet services worldwide."In the first days balloon will last five or seven or 10 days. Now we have had a balloon that lasted for 187 days," said Mike Cassidy, vice president Loon Project."It used to take 14 people an hour or two to launch a balloon, now with automatic crane we can launch a balloon every 15 minutes with two or three people."Speed ​​data used was equivalent to the 3G, but it can supply connection fixture about 10 megabits per second to connect to the equipment through the antenna on the ground. For comparison, the speed of 4G connectivity in the UK is 15Mbit / sec.He said it would require 300 or more to make the balloons 'strings' that is connected to the rest of the world.

Google Testing Robot to Replying to Email

Google is currently testing a new feature called Smart Reply feature that can be used to help membalasa email.
Smart Reply itself is a clever feature that uses artificial intelligence to help users answer messages in the Inbox.
Smart Reply feature can be used starting from early November 2015 by Inbox users on iOS and Android operating system, as written in the site Mashable.
"For e-mail that requires a brief reply, it will help to save time typing. To email that requires a rather long answer, this feature will help users to be able to immediately respond," said Balint Miklós, Google software engineer.

This feature works almost like predictive applications on the keyboard, but can better predict word phrases that may be used to reply to the message. This feature displays up to 3 short sentences based on the message and how users respond to previous messages.
Smart Reply using machine learning techniques to be able to respond in real-time. When are increasingly being used, the performance of these features will continue to rise for detecting a variety of messages.
Miklós said when first tested, the most common reply is advised unique "I love you." However, Google will continue to make sure every sentence is certainly dealing with correspondence for the sake of work.
Earlier, in 2014, Google's researchers named Oriol Vinyals, Ilya Sutskever, and Quoc Le had submitted a study to understand the language by combining applications and machine translation called sequence-to-sequence learning or learning sequentially.
Currently, the feature is not yet certain whether Google will have a huge impact and influence the way someone replies to e-mail via Inbox. But at least, Google has again bring exciting new innovations by using artificial intelligence to help people do their daily work.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

what is google maps and usefulness

Google Map or Google Earth is a facility of Google for Internet users, the service from Google itself free or free of charge for any of the rupiah. Except, the cost of internet access. Now with google map, we can see the world as it is narrow. Maybe there among you who often venturing to the place where you've never visited before, then you are lost because they do not know the route the road will ditempuha, then you can use your interanet access road route melaalui to see Google Map application. Saktinya, and be aware of the way place you are going to go, even if you have never directly to the place you want to go.

google maps, google earth
Although google map has not been updated in some areas where Indonesia (still many areas which have not been updated amendments to Indonesia), but construction is still relatively the same way dengn that now exists, so you will not confuse this application uses google map.
Google map or you can also call it Google Earth is a free service that only shows the name of the street, can not for the name of the mountain, river or any other name, but the google map is more complete than others. By zooming application then you can more clearly see the area that you have not visited, which is only using a service Google Map, the world seemed to be narrow.
Facilities provided Google in its map service Google can say almost perfect, how do you not print services presented in the application google earth map.