Sunday, 18 October 2015

Understanding Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the applications developed by Google to the needs of the file server. Particularly office applications. From word processing (word processor), processing worksheet (spreadsheet) and presentation (presentation). Google Docs is not only save, but also can be used to process (store, create, edit) program office applications (such as Microsoft Office if in Windows, or Open Office) online. Everything in one application. But the need to have an office application.

Once the enormity of Google Docs, until some have called Google Docs is a killer office applications (Microsoft Office, Open Office, Neo Office and so on).
Advantages & Disadvantages of Google DocsAdvantages

1) Mudah.2) Free.
3) The tragedy of lost data due to hard drive damage can be avoided.
4) Support and documentation is complete.
5) Using the WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get) is simple to format documents, spell checking, and so on.
6) Access work anytime, anywhere
Google Docs is securely powered by the web, giving you the flexibility to stay productive on the desk, on the road, at home and on your mobile phone, even when you're offline once.
7) Working in a variety of operating systems
Google Docs works in the browser on PC, Mac, and Linux, and supports common formats such as .doc, .xls, .ppt, and .pdf.
8) Ease upload and share files
Files stored in Google Docs can always accessible both to upload or share.
9) secure access control
Administrators can manage file sharing permissions system-wide, and document owners can share and revoke file access at any time.


While the lack of Google Docs are:

Requires internet connection
Must be done in advance online.

C. Google Docs1 facilities. In the Word Processor or the Spreadsheet or Document
a) Make Word documents, OpenOffice, RTF, HTML, or text.
b) Upload the document that we already have.
c) Sharing with others (via e-mail address) to edit or view documents and spreadsheets.
d) Editing documents online with whomever we choose.
e) View the revision history of documents and spreadsheets
f) Publish documents online to the world, as part of the site or to send documents to your blog.
g) Download documents to your desktop as Word, OpenOffice, RTF, PDF, HTML or zip.
h) Email your documents as attachments.
i) Each document can be reached 500K, plus up to 2MB per picture inserted.
j) Each user has a combined limit of 5000 documents and presentations and 5000 images.
2. In using a spreadsheet, we can do:a) Import and export data format .xls, .csv, .txt and .ods (and export functionality for .pdf and html).b) Enjoy intuitive navigation and editing, like a traditional document or spreadsheet.c) Using the format and formula.d) Talking with others who are editing.e) Inserting a spreadsheet, or a section of the spreadsheet, to our web site.f) Each spreadsheet can be up to 10,000 rows, or up to 256 columns, or up to 100,000 cells, or up to 40 sheets - whichever limit is reached first.g) Each user has a limit of up to 200 spreadsheets.h) Limits for spreadsheets open at one time is 11.i) It can import spreadsheets up to 1 MB in xls, csv, or ods, txt, tsv, tsb.3. In using the presentation, we can do:a) Import existing presentations in .ppt and .pps file types.b) Exporting presentations using the Save as Zip feature from the File menu.c) Edit the presentation we use a simple WYSIWYG editor.d) Insert images, and format the slide as desired.f) Share and edit presentations with friends and colleagues.g) Allow view the presentation in real time, from locations far apart.h) To publicize our presentation on the web, and can be accessed by others.i) Each presentation can be reached 500K, plus up to 2MB per picture inserted.j) We can upload presentations in .ppt and .pps formats.k) Each user has a combined limit of 5000 documents and presentations and 5000 images.

Basic features in Google Docs1. Editing and Saving Files2. Uploading Files3. Set Access Rights4. Work Offline Documents5. Downloading or downloading files6. Facilities See Revision History7. Translate documents

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