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What is Google Drive? What are its functionality and usability?

Google Drive

Well, before you've heard the term yet from Google Drive? Definition of Google Drive storage service that is owned by Google. Google Drive is long dilunjurkan that since 24 April 2012 last. Google Drive is a change from Google Docs, if my friend opened google docs then be redirected to google drive. Google users will get the service drive of 5 GB of free storage, and can be added to the payment tertentu.Dengan same excellent features as Dropbox, the data synchronization via a special folder on the desktop or more commonly known as Desktop Sync Clients. GDrive provide free capacity of 5 GB and of course features are integrated with other Google services such as Gmail, G + and Google Search. Features that can be underlined from GDrive is API's for the Developer. Until now GDrive has been linked to dozens of third-party applications. Working with many more types of files when my friend install Google Drive application from the Web Store Chrome.Google Drive serves the growing number of applications that can mate pairs from the Chrome Web Store. With these applications, pal can edit pictures and videos, fax and sign documents, manage projects, create flowcharts, and more. No matter how many Google Drive apps that have buddy pairs, mate can also access all your files in one place: Google Drive on the web.

Functions and Benefits of Google Drive
After knowing what is Google Drive, and then I'll explain a little about the function and keutungan of Google Drive that has functions like Dropbox is synchronizing data from your PC, so my friend can create and share data and documents in google the drive. In addition buddy can also access data files from anywhere at home or in the office by connecting to the internet of course.
Another advantage is Google Drive has been integrated with Google services such liannya gmail, Gplus, google search and more. If my friend wants to try this please google drive straight to then login using Email my friend that friend can use Google Drive. Later will appear as shown below if google drive my friend has been activated, but if not please wait for notification from google to email buddy,
Google drivel
If you have successfully logged and Google Drive is already active friend can directly upload files / folders as shown below,

Google Drive Upload
Google Drive Upload - Copy
If you want to increase the storage capacity in Google Drive pal required to pay a few dollars, according to the price given by Google as a complete description (image) below,


Google Drive Buy
Google Drive Buy - Copy
Google Drive is functioning at a growing number of applications that can be installed from the Chrome Web Store. With the application, you can edit pictures and videos, fax and sign documents, manage projects, create flowcharts, and more. No matter how many Google Drive apps you have installed, you can access all your files in one place: Google Drive on the web.

The things you can do with Google Drive apps

Create new files on Google Drive from the application file types
Browse and open files on Google Drive
Accessing Google Drive files from applications outside of Google Drive
Save files to Google Drive from the app outside of Google Drive
Share any type of file, including files created by the application Google Drive
Create files with Google Drive apps
With Google Drive, pal can make many more files than Google Docs since some apps let you create other file types in Google Drive. After installing one of these applications, you will see the file type of the application is listed in the Create menu in Google Drive on the web.

Click the red Create button in the upper left.
Point your mouse to More.
Select an application from the Other submenu.
The application will open and you can work on files that have been created and saved. You can access it anytime, anywhere in My Drive (Google Drive on the web).
Buddy can also synchronize the files that you have created using a Google Drive app to the Google Drive folder on your computer. Select the files you want to sync to a computer.Open files with Google Drive appsAfter mate install Google Drive application, the application will appear in the Open menu in Google Drive on the web for the file types that are compatible with the application. For example, if an image editing application is registered to open a JPEG file, you can open any JPEG file in Google Drive with the application.

Right-click the file in Google Drive on the web
Point your mouse to Open with.
Select the name of the application from the Open With submenu.
Your files will open in the Google Drive app you selected.
Open or save Google Drive files from applications
Buddy can open files stored in Google Drive on the web from within the application itself (without opening the Google Drive on the web). For example, you open an application and want to work on files that you store in Google Drive. You can open the Google Drive file directly in the application.You can also save files to Google Drive that you have created or found in applications outside of Google Drive itself. There are several ways to save files to Google Drive:

When you're working in Google Drive application, the file will be saved to Google Drive when you save the changes that you make to the file.
In the application, you might see the option "Export to Google Drive", "Save a copy", or "Send to Drive". When you select this option, the files will be saved automatically to Google Drive pal ..
In addition, Google will provide free 5GB of data storage capacity is also true. The news did come from people in Google who leak information to the tech site The Next Web.Google Drive is currently available for the computer operating system Windows and Mac, and Android smartphones and tablets. From the information on the official website of Google Drive, the search engine company will make Google Drive for iOS-based devices, namely the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.Google Drive can be created to store the data of all formats. Documents, photos, videos, applications, and everything you want.For users of Google Docs service, may immediately comfortable using Google Drive for your data automatically stored in Google Drive.Likewise with Android users, you can integrate the data on the smartphone or tablet to Google Drive. Google Drive offers several options to increase the capacity of data storage space. Among them, 2.49 dollars per month for 25GB and US $ 4.99 per month for 100 GB.If you decide to use Google Drive paid, then your Gmail account storage capacity will be increased to 25GB.Google Drive option available additional capacity of up to 16TB.To start using Google Drive. However, according to Google, not all users can enjoy Google's cloud storage.When tested by Kompas Tekno using several different Google accounts, no one else can try Google Drive.Apparently, users in Indonesia still have to be patient to enjoy the hard disk Google's online.

Google Drive facility

Google Drive gives space (space) for free as much as 5 GB. If not you can upgrade to 25 GB by paying $ 2.49 per month or $ 30 (around Rp280 thousand) per year.
Create new documents, spreadsheets, and presentations instantly. Can edit a document with colleagues together at the same time. It's one of the advantages of Google Drive when compared with sites sharing.
Gmail attachments (inset) does not need anymore. Links from Google Drive can be sent to Gmail for an attachment automatically.
Video and photos stored on Google Drive will be automatically available on Google Plus.
Specialized search engine available in Google Drive to find an existing file. Equipped with extension-based search option (type) files, not just the file name only.
Can open all file formats, including Adobe HD video, Photoshop, etc. even if you have not installed the software on the computer.
Can be a variety of file (file) by using a variety of applications. Thus, this feature works the same as other clothes sharing sites.
Save automatically. Once you make a change in one of the files in Google Drive, it will be saved automatically.

Availability of Google Drive
Google Drive can be used in multiple devices (devices) the following:

Windows-based computers
Computer-based Mac
I0S based tablets (iPad)
Android-based tablets
Smartphones iPhone
Smartphones based on Android
But for those who use Linux system do not get discouraged. Although Google Drive does not yet support the Linux Operating System, but thanks to the team ppa ubuntu, google drive can now be accessed via the Nautilus on your Gnome desktop. If you do not want to be bothered, you can also try other cloud storage which supports Linux, such as Dropbox.

How to Use Google Drive
Well for starters sometimes confused how to use Google Drive itself, let's learn together. To get started with Google Drive, go to then activate the service. Once you have access to Drive, you are ready to begin using the service. You will notice that your Google Drive glance looks and works very much like Google Docs. You can create a file, create a collection folder, using the top bar to search, and upload files by dragging and dropping into the browser window.However, unlike Docs, you can now manage the entire drive from your desktop by installing the Google Drive application. It's easy, once you get, look at the left sidebar and select Download Google Drive. Once you download it, your device will have the Google Drive folder, so any changes you make will be reflected in the Web interface, and vice versa.As long as you are connected to the Internet, when you add files to Google Drive folder, your file will immediately automatically be uploaded to your Web drive. Easy is not it?In addition there are some features of Google Drive you should know, it's features include:

Free document
Google does give you 5 GB of free storage space, but great every document you create in countless Drive free.
Upload up to 30 types of files
Google Drive storage and display supports 30 popular file types. So, you can upload a movie to drive and play it back in your browser, no matter where you are.
Sharing files, folders, or entire drives
This feature is a simple sharing feature that is owned by Google. Simply by right clicking on a file, select "share ..." and specify the options of the share. To give someone access to your entire drive, and click the button with the plus sign at the top.
Utilizing Google Goggles
With Goggle technology built into Drive, you can search for photos using the search bar. Likewise, you can search for text in scanned documents. After some testing, this feature is not completely reliable, but worth a try if you need help finding a file or photo.
Collaborate on videos, photos, and more
Collaboration features of Google Docs is now available for all file types. For example, if you upload a video to Drive and share it with others, you will be able to discuss the video with a comment.
Install third-party applications
Third party developers already create applications that work seamlessly with Google Drive. Pixlr one that lets you edit photos uploaded, HelloFax lets you send free faxes, and DocuSign lets you sign official documents, all can be installed in Google Drive. To get these applications and more, go to Google Drive> Settings> Manage apps> Get more Apps.

Installing the Google Drive app
Google Drive applications are available in · the Chrome Web Store and buddies can put it to use in Google Drive on the web. Application is compatible with all supported browsers.

· Open the Chrome Web Store.
Search for "Application Drive".
Click the + Add to Drive the blue.
Give authorize the app to access files in your Google Drive. (Learn more about the security of Google Drive apps.)
Click Install.
Hopefully this information can help you make use of Google's storage service. Thank you …

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