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Excellence Browser Google Chrome Browser Than Others

This time Ngeblog wrote The recorder will share about the advantages or benefits of Google Chrome that may yet we all know

Memory Management

Chrome has a memory management that is far better than other browsers. Each of the tabs opened on the chrome is actually a chrome application itself unlike other browsers assume that all the tabs opened in the browser application is an application.

Then the benefits of memory management itself what ?. For those who regularly browsingmenggunakan other browsers, you may already have experienced Crashed when opening multiple tabs in the browser. Because it caused, all the tabs share the same memory allocation, so if one tab crashes, then all the tabs will also be able to impact anyway. Things like that will not happen to Chrome.

Since each of the tabs is equal to the application chrome, then you can easily drag a tab out of Chrome to create a new Chrome window.
Chrome has its own Task Manager. So you can see which tabs are consuming a lot of memory, and even you can also see the use of memory by a plugin that is being worked on specific tabs. So if you see a tab consuming too much memory, and do you think it could slow kinerj.

Chrome has its own Javascript Virtual Machinenya

Javascript Virtual Machine in Chrome really new, remade from 0 (zero) again, with due regard to the needs of current users.
In the past, the use of Javascript is not as important as today, even many web does not use Javascript at the time, but now Javascript has been a part of a very, very vital in cyberspace. Therefore, the handling of javascript that well really gets great attention from Google.

Javascript Virtual Machine in Chrome made by V8 Team in Denmark. V8 This team is very famous for his ability to create a variety of Virtual Machine, so the virtual machine implemented in Chrome is now no need to doubt the quality. And henceforth, Javascript Virtual Machine that exist in Chrome it will be called by the name V8.
V8 can run much faster than any other virtual machine, because the V8 can be dynamically optimizes the use of Javascript by making Javascript is Classless that had become more sophisticated ... hehe..maksudnya be as ber- Class (still ngebingungin too huh?). Each object which has the same property on the V8 will share the same Class Hidden anyway.

Another factor that led to the V8 can run considerably faster than Virtual Machine or any other Engine Javascript is due to a direct V8 javascript mengcomplie they found, and instead interprets her as practiced by other engines. Programs that are compiled will run much faster than the program that was interpret, because once a source code is compiled, the source code that would directly into machine language. Engine (CPU) will be faster to run the program in a language that is easily understood.
If you want to download can visit this address:

Other advantages:

    At the interface of Chrome looks THAT Google wants its users to focus more on web and forget about the browser used. This atinya Google Chrome memilii view that is not disturbing and uncomfortable when being used.

    MODE Incognito:
    In this mode enables users to access websites without leaving a trace.

    Google provides the option "Make Application Shortcut". With this feature a web application like Google's GMAIL or Teader can be run through shrtcut on the Desktop or Start Menu. So it looks like a local application.

    On each TAB opened in Chrome has a separate process, so that when the error / crash on one ta would not mislead the entire browser error. (The shortcomings inherent in FireFox and other browsers).

    Chrome has excellent search function. For example, chrome daat detect when users ever do a search on a website and enter the website in the list of search providers.

    Chrome provides the ability to thicken the domain name of a website. For example there is a fraudulent website addressed, it will thickened so would be expected under the users are aware it is not a site / KlikBCA official website.

Excess Google Chrome:

1. The ability of quick browsing (some say faster than Windows Explorer). Although not dissimilar to the speed of Firefox, can even compete.
2. Automatic bookmark all the sites that have opened in addition to history, frequently visited pages, etc. So for parents who have Internet access at home can easily monitor their children, is certainly beneficial
3. Browser addresses that also functions as a search engine, of course this is a handy feature and special.
Besides the above advantages, there are again some of the features of Google Chrome, namely:
- Supports flash and java (integrated)
- Use of memory separate tab.
- Supports Indonesian.
- Auto-complete address input (Omnibar).

For now it's only the advantages of Google Chrome.
Quoted from various sources.
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