Friday, 6 November 2015

Google Testing Robot to Replying to Email

Google is currently testing a new feature called Smart Reply feature that can be used to help membalasa email.
Smart Reply itself is a clever feature that uses artificial intelligence to help users answer messages in the Inbox.
Smart Reply feature can be used starting from early November 2015 by Inbox users on iOS and Android operating system, as written in the site Mashable.
"For e-mail that requires a brief reply, it will help to save time typing. To email that requires a rather long answer, this feature will help users to be able to immediately respond," said Balint Miklós, Google software engineer.

This feature works almost like predictive applications on the keyboard, but can better predict word phrases that may be used to reply to the message. This feature displays up to 3 short sentences based on the message and how users respond to previous messages.
Smart Reply using machine learning techniques to be able to respond in real-time. When are increasingly being used, the performance of these features will continue to rise for detecting a variety of messages.
Miklós said when first tested, the most common reply is advised unique "I love you." However, Google will continue to make sure every sentence is certainly dealing with correspondence for the sake of work.
Earlier, in 2014, Google's researchers named Oriol Vinyals, Ilya Sutskever, and Quoc Le had submitted a study to understand the language by combining applications and machine translation called sequence-to-sequence learning or learning sequentially.
Currently, the feature is not yet certain whether Google will have a huge impact and influence the way someone replies to e-mail via Inbox. But at least, Google has again bring exciting new innovations by using artificial intelligence to help people do their daily work.

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