Sunday, 18 October 2015

Google's goal Develop Android One

Google created the Android platform goals One variety. First, they want menyelasarkan quality or eksperiens Android users in the middle and lower segments or low end. This segment of the largest markets in developing countries, such as Indonesia.
Prices are affordable (about Rp1 million), consumers should not get worse eksperiens. Start the old version of the operating system, hardware elections indiscriminate (to reduce costs), until the emergence of various bugs. Variations in the quality of Android phones made in a variety of vendors (local) was clearly negative impact for the consumer who ends detrimental to Google.
That's why Google wants Android in the low end market is in need of standards or uniformity. They designed Android One who made the tech giant does not only control the software, but also hardware in a device.
One of the Android platform has brought the latest Android, the Lollipop 5.1, and secured the fastest get the update, such as Google's Nexus. Android Hardware One is also carefully chosen by Google. What type of camera, processor, RAM, and the batteries have been specific in order to blend with the software. Thus, despite having frills low end but still optimal mobile performance.
Chief Marketing Officer Evercoss, Janto Djojo termed phones with Android One has been "certified by Google". That is, Google itself which ensures that the phone's performance would be optimal. "We just follow it," he said.
Such standardization positive impact for consumers. They can be sure that the mobile phone purchased in the most optimal price range.
This standardization means that all Android smartphones carrying the One, as Evercoss One, Nexian Journey One, as well as Mito Impact Android One almost indistinguishable from each other. That's because each device using the same basic design of Google. Vendors such as Evercoss provide little differentiation through leather case.
Because it is still in the testing phase, each vendor has only released limited models. Evercoss One for the initial stage only released as many as 3,000 units in While Mito Impact Android One in claimed sold thousands of units in a day. "Quota beginning that we provide directly sold out," said Chief Marketing Officer Mito, Jacksen Lie.
They also add more pre-orders of 5,000 units by the end of February 2015 at a price Rp999.000 from the original price of 1.2 million. Nexian Journey One, through the site and, even known to reach up to 10,000 reserve units.
They optimitis Android One would be well-received by the people of Indonesia. Therefore, the trend of smartphones in the country continues to grow. Especially switchover feature phone to smartphone users are still great.

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