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About Google, history and Existence

All right already know what Google ?, wrote elementary school children know, he he. If sobat2 Klikers still looking for certain information, it must first have in mind pal Klikers is Mbah Google. Yes, .. he called Mbah, because Google is like Shaman Ajib Sob. Nyari any kind are almost all there. But Google users would still be less that know the history of the founding of this Virtual Worlds Search Engines. This time I will share for a faithful sobat2 Klikers. Lets cekidot:
Google Inc. is an American multinational corporation that berkekhususan on services and Internet products. These products include search technology, web computing, software, and online advertising. Most of its profits come from AdWords.About Google, history and ExistenceLarry Page and Sergey BrinGoogle was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while still a student Ph.D. at Stanford University. They both hold 16 percent of the company. They make Google a private company on September 4, 1998. Its mission statement is "collecting the world's information and make it accessible and useful to everyone", and the unofficial slogan is "Do not be evil". In 2006, Google's headquarters moved to Mountain View, California.Since its founding, the rapid growth of the company has produced a variety of products, acquisitions, and cooperation in the field of search engine Google's core. The company offers online productivity software (in the network), including electronic mail (e-mail), an office suite, and social networking. Computer desk products include application to surf the web, organize and edit photos, and instant messaging. The company initiated the development of the Android operating system for mobile phones and Google Chrome OS for netbooks Chromebook lineup. Google has been switched to communication hardware. They work closely with a variety of major electronics manufacturers to produce its Nexus devices and acquired Motorola Mobility in May 2012. In 2012, fiber optic infrastructure installed in Kansas City to facilitate broadband Internet service Google Fiber.Google Offices page
About Google, history and ExistenceThe company is expected to operate more than one million servers in multiple data centers worldwide and processes over one billion search queries and about 24 artificial petabyte of data every day users. In December 2012, Alexa call as the most visited websites in the world. Google sites in other languages ​​get in the top 100 rankings, as well as Google-owned sites such as YouTube and Blogger. Google ranked second in the BrandZ brand equity database. Its market dominance criticism regarding copyright, censorship, and privacy.Atmosphere Google Headquarters
List Produck GoogleGoogle has created services and tools for the business environment and society; including Web applications, advertising networks and solutions for businesses.Google Display 1998
* Advertising

Google Adsense - An ad offers services to the owner of the web, where the ad will be displayed on web pages that are relevant to the keywords from the ad.
Google Adwords - An advertising services by Google, where ads appear only ads that are relevant to the content of the web page.
Most of Google's revenue is derived from advertising programs. For the 2006 fiscal year, the company reported a profit of advertising gets the amount of $ 10.492 billion and only $ 112 million in licensing and other revenues.Google AdWords allows advertisers to web ads appear in Google search results and the Google Content Network, through a system of pay-per-click or pay-per-view. Google AdSense website owners can also display adverts on their own site, and earn money every time the ad is clicked.
* Application Search

Google Search - Google is widely known for its web search service, which is a major factor of the success of this company. In August 2007, Google is a search engine on the web is most often used with a market share of as much as 53.6%, and Yahoo! (19.9%) and Live Search (12.9%). Google has billions of web pages, so that users can find the information they desire, through the use of keywords and operators. Google has also employed the Web Search technology into other search services, including Image Search, Google News, the price comparison site Google Product Search, the interactive Usenet archive Google Groups, Google Maps and others.
Google Maps - Service to see maps on mobile applications, and is also available for personal computers.
Google Earth - Service of Google Earth to view the map. Is an interactive mapping program powered by satellite and aerial imagery covering the entire planet Earth. Google Earth is considered a very accurate and more mendetail.Beberapa major cities have such detailed images that can zoom in close enough to see vehicles and pedestrians clearly. As a result, there are several reasons for involvement in national security. Specifically, some countries and militaries contend the software can be used to see with clarity clear close-physical location of critical infrastructure, commercial and residential buildings, bases, government agencies, and others. However, the satellite images are rarely updated, and everything is available free of charge through other products and even government sources (NASA and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, for example). Some counter this argument by stating that Google Earth makes it easier to access and research location.
Google Books - Service of Google to see and search for books.
* Communication

Gmail - In ear 2004, Google launched a free web-based email service, known as Gmail. Gmail features spam filtering technology and the capability to use Google technology to search e-mail. The service generates revenue by displaying advertisements from the AdWords service that is included in the content of email messages displayed on the screen.
Google Drive - Service of Google to store data, which are connected with the Google Docs service.
Google Docs - Laynanan from Google to store documents.
Google Chrome - Google also launched Google Chrome is a browser. This browser is fast enough and it looks minimalist. September 2008 release code to Google through the Chromium project, which until now Google Chrome is based on Chromium.
Google Chrome comes with good safety features, which Google Chrome will warn users who access a site that is in the black list of Google. In addition, Google Chrome also distinguish between processes running on one tab with the process on the other tabs, thus increasing user convenience, as well as improving the reliability of Google Chrome.
* Mobile phoneIn 2007, some reports surfaced that Google plans to launch its own mobile phone, possibly a competitor to Apple's iPhone. On 5 November 2007, Google finally announced Android, a software platform and operating system for mobile devices that is supported by the Open Handset Alliance, a consortium of 34 companies of software, hardware, and telecommunications that aims to develop open standards for mobile devices. In September 2008, T-Mobile released the first mobile phone that runs on the Android platform, the G1.* EntertainmentGoogle Video - In early 2006, the company launched Google Video, which not only allows users to search and view the video for free, but also allows users and disseminators of media disseminate its content, including television shows on CBS, NBA basketball games, and music videos , In August 2007, Google announced that they would stop the video rental and sale program and offer refunds and Google Checkout credits to consumers who had purchased videos to own.
* Other

Google Analytics - A service that contains tools for webmasters to analyze their web users.
Google SMS - In October 2007, Google SMS service was launched in India allowing users to get business listings, movie showtimes and information by sending a short message.

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