Sunday, 18 October 2015

Understanding Search Engines (Search Engine)

This time I will explain about the definition, the benefits of the workings, function and examples of the Search Engines (Search Engine). Surely you've ever used Google to do some activities, such as searching for a page of a website or a blog, pictures, videos, and other information. 

 How can a website that has a very simple, but it can provide a lot of information we need? How the workings of Google Search Engine? Understanding Search Engines Search Engine [Pin on Pinterest] Definition of Search Engine Search Engine (Search Engines) is a software system that is designed to search for various information stored in the service of the World Wide Web (WWW), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Mailing List , or News Group that are within one or a number of servers in a network boundary. Results of the search will display a variety of information data originating from a Website, Blog, particular Forum. Results of a search is often referred to as Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

 The search results also has a variety of data to be displayed, such as the form of text, image, video, and other forms of display. From the search results are set to display data in accordance with a predetermined order by the Search Engine Algorithms. So to be able to enter into the order of the first page of the Search Engine is not easy. A lot of calculation and the procedures that must be performed in order to go to the first page of a Search Engine. One way to do is to run SEO techniques on your business website. A Brief History of Search Engine Along with the development of the virtual world, Search Engine also has developed quite well over the years. One Search Engine is very well known and widely used by many countries is the Google Search Engine. But there are some groups create their own Search Engine for the country, such as Search Engine Yandex originating from Russia and has been operating since 1997. Then there is the Search Engine Baidu operating since 2000. 

Baidu established Baidu campus that is located in Haidian District, Beijing, PRC. Search Engine Another well-known is Bing, Yahoo, ASK, MSN, AOL, and others. Search Engine Google itself appears at the end of 1997. Intense competition in the various Search Engine that was already there, does not make Google give up. In 2000 Search Engine Yahoo had occupied the top ranking position, but it is only temporary because Google managed to achieve this ranking. Google also taken into account and is seen as the major Search Engines until now. Understanding Search Engine Search Engines [Pin on Pinterest] How Search Engines Work Then how the workings of a Search Engine is able to display a variety of data accurate information in accordance with the keywords that we give? Search Engine Google has software called Web Crawlers or also called Googlebot. The workings of this software, which takes web pages automatically to follow each link is DoFollow. Then each of those pages will be analyzed to determine how the index, such as the reading of the text in the title, subtitle, and a special section called Meta Tags. The data is then saved to the server that will be used for the livelihood of the desired data. The stored data can be either a page of a website, text, images, video and other information. 

 However, not all pages of a website can be found, due to regulatory webmaster who can create web pages for publication or just for private website or blog. You can also see the video below on how the search engines actually in delivering search results that are perfect for your needs. The following video from Google "How Search Works" hosted by Matt Cutts who was in the Channel Google. Inside the channel you can see the development of a variety of updates and the latest Google project. Hopefully, this video can make you become more aware of the work of the Search Engines, especially Google. 

 Benefits of Search Engine Many of us often wear Search Engine, then what are the benefits of a Search Engine? Certainly the benefits of Search Engine is easier for someone to find the desired information quickly and precisely. Because by simply typing the desired keyword, for example, the word "Understanding Search Engine" will instantly appear various websites and blogs that provide information about these keywords quickly and precisely. Of the various sectors of Search Engine actually provide many benefits as seen from the corner of the web blog owner. Where every web blogs that provide relevant information and complete, then certainly indirectly web information page of your blog will go up to the first page of a search. Furthermore, visitors will continue to arrive and make your web blog will be swamped with visitors. 

 Generally, not all of the articles on the web with one another blog full or rich information needed by the visitors. However, various web blog owner started to impose his article to be able to be to the first page by performing a variety of ways, one of which is the SEO techniques. Imagine if one keyword has thousands of traffic per month, and the article or merchandise you are in the first place. Conceivably your business will grow rapidly with time. For example, if you sell fire extinguishers, then in accordance with the key words you can make various articles related to "Fire extinguisher" with complete and clear information. So with that sector of the market you will be very easy to reach your business web blog. So an explanation of Understanding, How It Works and benefits provided by the Search Engines (Search Engine). Do not forget to read more articles like the explanation of "Why SEO is Important for Online Business Website?".

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